Cable Attachment Essentials Package

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Package includes;

  • 1x Tricep Rope
  • 1x Close Grip Row Handle
  • 1x Ankle Strap

Tricep Rope

Commercial grade tricep rope, designed to fit on any kind of cable machine. Use it in your home gym or fold it up and throw it in your gym bag to take with you.

  • Extra Thick Rope
  • Rubber ends with metal caps
  • Built to last design
  • Flexible high quality nylon braid

Used for:  Overhead tricep press downs, standing bicep curls, tricep press down or seated preacher curls.

Close Grip Row Handle

A great cable attachment for your home gym, functional trainer, or pretty much any cable machine. Attach to the end of the cable with a snap hook and away you go.

Made from a solid piece of steel, extremely durable construction for heavy frequent use. The handle has light knurling for a firm but comfortable grip.

Ankle Strap

Made from a strong nylon fabric and a steel ring, extremely durable construction for heavy frequent use. Has light padding for a comfortable workout session.