Olympic Barbell (350kg Max Rated) (50mm)

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Our heavy duty and high quality barbells are the best in class for their price point. Made from high tensile steel and load test rated to up to 350kg they are perfect for home or light commercial use. It is built with a durable inner steel brash bushing for super smooth plate rotation. Chrome plated with light edge knurling for a comfortable and solid grip. Features a circlip capped end, with a bolt-free design to stop that annoying bolt loosening that many cheaper bars have.

  • Weight: 20kg
  • Length: 7ft
  • Handlebar Diameter: 30mm
  • Plate Diamer: Olympic (50mm)
  • High tensile steel
  • Load tested to 350kg
  • Durable inner steel bushing
  • Removeable cap and circlip
  • Chrome plating and light edge knurling

Superior Design

Our barbells are best in class for their price range. Continually improved design over 20 years has created the best barbell on the market at this price.


Soft Hill Knurling

Knurling on both handle ends for a comfortable yet sturdy grip. Train in comfort.


Circlip End Cap

Say goodbye to annoying bolts working loose with our circlip sealed cap design. Drop the bar all you want, you will never have to worry about bolts working loose, snapping or wearing down any more.