Circle Commercial Elliptical (E7)

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The most comfortable high intensity workout you will ever have is now available with the Circle 8 Series E7 Elliptical. The crosstrainer combines straight forward classic design with a "built for life" build quality.

Comfortable Workout

The Circle E7 features a beautifully comfortable, silky smooth stride with a length of 500mm on thick padded pedals ensuring a pleasurable workout. Pedals spaced 64mm apart ensures maximum comfort for all user heights. An easy to reach step up height of 32cm means no climbing up, or height restriction problems in tight spaces. Smooth motion technology ensures a quiet, comfortable and natural ride.

Classic and Ergonomic Design

Fully ergonomic design with spacious storage compartments for water bottles, phones, keys etc. Quick level keypad allows for the user to quickly select their targeted resistance level of up to 25 variable resistance levels, or select a program and get straight in to their workout. Stationary or push-pull handles allows for a full body workout or focus on lower body only - it's up to you. Self generating power, means no messy cords or wires or trip hazards.

Built for Life Build Quality

  • Superior build quality. Heavy gauge steel.
  • Fully commercial rated, with a maximum user weight of 180kg.
  • Electromagnetic self generating power with 800 Watts generated at 120 RPM
  • Footprint size: 204cm L x 68cm W x 181cm H
  • Unit Weight: 106kg
  • Heavy duty bearings and over-sized drive shaft
  • Easy to maintain exterior rail system

Entertainment Plus

As part of the Circle 8 Series, this product can be upgraded to support the Entertainment Plus package. Featuring a large 15.6" touchscreen display, with wireless internet, TV tuner and app support. It also includes Bluetooth, an audio jack an a USB charger. The entertainment plus package also includes Circle Cloud Go Asset Management software, for back of house access to each individual machines stats and figures, or to push news or class schedules directly to clients.