Body Solid Pro Dual Modular Gym System (DGYM)

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Body-Solid revolutionizes the commercial equipment market by providing a modular approach to designing your next training facility.

The Pro Dual Line offers a choice of 10 dual function stations that can be used in single or multiple stack arrangements. The combinations are endless, allowing you to customize the equipment to best suit your training needs.

Build any combination of Pro-Dual equipment for the perfect solution to your fitness needs. 10 workout station allow you to custom build the perfect gym system.

The anchor of the multi-station system is the 4 Stack Weight Tower (DGYM). With positions for 3 or 4 stations, the space saving 4 Stack Tower provides a solid foundation for any of the 10 different Pro Dual stations.

  • 4 independent weight stations.
  • 4 universal upper and lower station mounts
  • 4 universal upper and lower pulley stations
  • 4 easy mount chrome guide rods
  • 95kg and 140kg weight stack option

Please note that this is the 4-station weight stacks ONLY.

The individual stations must be purchased separately. It is compatible with the Body-Solid Pro-Dual line, specifically the product codes DPLS, DLEC, DABB, DPRS, DCLP, DIOT, DLAT, DBTC, DPCC and the DPEC.