Body Solid Pro Club Line Cable Crossover (SCC1200G)

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The Body Solid Pro Clubline Cable Crossover is the pinnacle of versatility in strength training. Offering an unlimited number of exercises, cable crossover machines are a staple to any gym, health club, fitness center, or workout facility. The SCC1200G is designed and built to satisfy any fitness enthusiast. Pulleys swivel 180 degrees allowing accurate resistance throughout any exercise movement. The pulleys also adjust to 12 different horizontal positions ensuring a proper starting point for almost any exercise. Premium commercial components ensure dependability and reliability even in heavy use, high-traffic gyms and clubs. Stable, solid and smooth, the Body Solid Proclubline cable crossover machine is an essential piece for any workout facility.

  • 270cm inside pulley to pulley dimensions
  • 24cm of cable extension
  • Pulley: 12 Horizontal Pulley Positions,180 Degree Pivoting Pulleys
  • Optional: 2 x 235(107kg each) Weight Stacks Available,Optional Lat / Chin Attachment, GCA2
  • Weight Stack: 2 x 72.5kg (160lbs) Standard Weight Stack
  • Dimensions: 397cm x 89cm x 232cm