Slam Ball / Dead Ball

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Designed to be slammed hard. Our full commercial grade slam balls are made of thick durable rubber and filled with iron sand so they don't bounce, roll or move once you slam them to the ground. No matter how intense your training session is, these balls are built to take the punishment.

The surface has a soft textured feel with a solid ring around each segment, so even during the sweatiest of workouts they won't slip out of your hands.

Each ball has the size clearly printed in big white numbering.

Slam balls can be used similarly to mecicine balls for twists, weighted sit ups and squats, weighted superman, etc. but with the added ability of being able to be slammed for high intensity burst throws.

Perfect for building endurance, core strength and upper or lower body muscles.

*Balls come pre-filled with sand and pre-inflated to the suggested level. No need for extra pumping.