Olympic Black Rubber Coated Plate with Handles (50mm)

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Designed for a comfortable no slip grip with lightly etched handles for easy loading on to a barbell or carrying around the gym. Made with the best quality rubber coating to provide a stylish finish to your plates that stops rust and the clanking sound when plates hit each other when you're lifting, as well as extra grip when handling the plates. Embossed with easy to read sizes.

Fits perfectly on all 50mm Olympic sized Barbells. Single piece forged cast iron construction with strong rubber coating. Ideal for every day training, built to withstand frequent use.

Inner hole size: 50mm

 Weight Outer Diameter Plate Thickness
1.25kg 16cm 2.5cm
2.5kg 20cm 3cm
5kg 24cm 3.5cm
10kg 31.5cm 4.5cm
15kg 35cm 5cm
20kg 39.5cm 5.5cm


* Although these plates are designed to withstand the occassional accidental drop, they aren't suitable for frequent dropping. Consider using them with bumper plates or cast iron plates.

** All rubber plates will come lightly coated in an oil that the factory uses to help the plates from sticking to their casting mould when being made. It can be washed off easily with warm soapy water.