20kg Dumbbell Set With Carry Case

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Perfect starter kit for anyone who wants to start lifting to gain strength, build muscle or tone up. This set includes 4x 2.5kg Weight Plates, 4x 1.25kg Weight Plates and a pair of 16 inch dumbbell handles with easy to use spinlock collars.

Fully loaded this allows for a maximum of 10kg per dumbbell, but this set can easily be upgraded to add more weight plates or even a barbell to allow for a wide variety of exercises.

The plates are made from cast iron with high quality grey powdercoating to ensure they last a long time and are less likely to chip, scratch or rust like the black painted plates. 

Beautifully designed comfortable handles with nurled grips make it easy to hold on to the barbell even during the sweatiest of workouts. 

Everything comes neatly packaged in a solid ABS plastic storage case to keep your equipment safe and tidy.


Material: Cast Iron with Grey Powdercoating
Hole Size: 27mm