XL Free Standing Punch Bag

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Premium extra large punching bag perfect for heavy training sessions. This giant bag stands at a massive 177cm in height and has a diameter of 38cm. Made from a high density foam with an inner canvas and vinyl covering and a solid full length PVC core - this bag can take as many hits as you can throw at it. The heavy duty 60x40cm base can hold up to 90kg of sand or water, ensuring the bag will not move around during intense training.

  • Height: 177cm
  • Diameter: 38cm
  • Material: High density foam, heavy duty PVC core and Vinyl cover

Important Usage Instructions

  • This bag is designed for use with sparring or training gloves only. Bare fists, shoes or weapons should not be used on the bag.
  • Please move the bag to the desired position before filling, and avoid moving once the base is filled.
  • This bag comes pre-assembled. No assembly required!