DKN Elliptical Crosstrainer (EMX-1000)

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The high-end EMX-1000 elliptical brings the quality of a commercial elliptical machine to your home gym. This Premium Elliptical is one of the most ergonomic and technologically superior elliptical machines available.

The EMX-1000's elliptical motion and stride has a length of (52cm). The length of the stride and the extra wide pedals allow the user to adjust the 'step' in such a way that the shape of the movement varies and works the muscles differently.

Equipped with a very narrow Q factor (internal distance between the pedals) of 5 cm, the EMX-1000 elliptical trainer offers optimum comfort for those who are prone to hip stress or lower back pain. This is especially ideal for women who experience hip and knee tension with too much distance. It is not just a 'Low Impact Trainer', but rather a true 'Zero Impact Elliptical'.

The computer offers a wide choice of various programs. Thirty-two resistance levels are available, digitally controlled, and the range is suitable for beginners and advanced athletes. The maximum user weight is 180 kg. The LCD console allows 4 users to configure their individual profiles based on age, gender, weight and height. This data is then used by the computer to calibrate the feedback provided, such as time, distance, speed, estimated calories burned, and effort expended (measured in watts).

Converging trajectory handlebars with Multi-Grip provide a very comfortable grip and a wide variety of positions for targeted core and upper body training. This movement mimics the natural trajectory of the upper body as you move inward as you move forward and the reverse in 'Backswing'.

The heart of the EMX-1000 is its EMS (Electromagnetic Braking System) system. The workload can reach full resistance in under 5 seconds, which makes this elliptical a perfect HIIT (high intensity interval) trainer. The console offers 12 preset programs, Blue Tooth wireless heart rate measurement (with the Cardio Connect tracker or optional chest strap), a customizable user program and a constant watt program.A 2-speed fan is integrated as standard.

Audio system: Speakers compatible with MP3 files.

Extra large and very practical water bottle holder to store your smartphone, keys, a bottle or whatever you need during your workout. Linked to a 16 kg flywheel, this machine delivers 500 watts. You can take on some serious strength training and perform interval exercises that will help tone and shape your entire body. The EMX-1000 is compatible with multiple applications to provide a more realistic training experience. Partnering with Kinomap or BitGym gives you access to some of the most popular routes, including a community of fitness users around the world. Or opt to create your own route, using Google Map data, including the tilt and decline feature.Bottom Line: A reliable and durable unit. 'Solid as a Rock'. A real booster, built to perform exceptionally.