Blackroll STANDARD 45

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  • Wider support surface for proven massage effect
  • 15 cm longer for simpler, more comfortable use
  • The BLACKROLL® STANDARD 45 is ideal for sports, Pilates and therapy 

The classic BLACKROLL® STANDARD is now also available in a length of 45 cm. With the same density level and therefore the same massage effect, the longer roller offers a simpler, more comfortable use. BLACKROLL® developed this product to address numerous requests from Pilates trainers and therapists who would like to provide their patients with a wider roller surface. The durability as well as the broad range of applications from sports to therapy are exactly the same as with the shorter classic BLACKROLL® STANDARD.


The length of the BLACKROLL® STANDARD 45 is similar to that of a conventional Pilates roller. It is therefore popular for use in Pilates training. 

 The BLACKROLL® 45 standard version

  • medium density
  • appropriate for all applications
  • proven massage effect