Barbell Silencer Drop Pads (16cm) (Pair)

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Stop the loud bang every time your bar drops. Protect your flooring and your weight plates from damage caused by dropping. These barbell drop pads are exactly what you're after.

Made from a durable textured canvas material for super long life, this drop pad is the real deal. A single solid high density foam piece means no pieces breaking off or wearing down over time - each pad weighs a massive 15kg. Handy double-stitched handle for easily moving around your gym. Strong velcro tabs on the sides means you can stack them as high as you want, for dropping at any height or even use as jerk blocks.

  • Super Durable textured grip material
  • High density foam
  • Sturdy double-stitched handle
  • Velcro tabs for stacking multiple pads together
  • Massive 15kg so it wont move around during use
  • Huge 75cm x 60cm Surface Area
  • Each pad is 16cm Thick
  • Sold as pairs