Commercial Power Bag

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These Power Bags are perfect for the home or commercial gym, designed for frequent heavy use. Used in different exercises such as weighted squats, overhead throws, lunges, carries, twists - these bags are extremely versatile. Each bag has handles on each side with a total of eight handles for different uses.

These bags are made from the highest grade nylon, with double cross stitched polyester straps and soft durable PVC handles. They come with two sturdy bags to be filled with sand or weighted material.

  • Heavy duty for frequent or commercial use
  • Strong double zip and button up design
  • Wide variety of exercises and uses
  • High grade nylon and polyester construction
  • Includes 2 sand bags to be filled to desired weight
  • Evenly distributed weight design
  • Fits on our Powerbag storage rack

*Please note these bags are not pre-filled. Recommended fill weights are below.

Size Unfilled Weight Dimensions Max Fill Weight
Small 1kg 50cm Long, 22cm Diameter 5-15kg
Medium 1.5kg 69cm Long, 25cm Diameter 15-30kg
Large 2.5kg 75cm Long, 35cm Diameter 30-50kg