DKN Air Rower R320

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The better build quality rowing machines tend to be quite expensive, especially when you are looking for those extra features that will add to the comfort, convenience and motivational programming. Smooth vibration free movement, step less resistance adjustment, count display, etc…

The R-320 Air Rower is equipped with all the above features, and much more. Using only air as resistance mechanism has great physical benefits.

It provides a good aerobic workout since you are using your entire body and can exercise as vigorously as you want.

When you use air as your resistance mechanism you increase or decrease the resistance according to your own efforts, which means you have a lot less chance of overdoing it or injuring yourself.

The framework on this model is heavy gauge welded steel platform, providing a solid and stable platform for serious training, featuring a real fluid and smooth rowing action allowing for good posture, even for those who have long legs.

It's full alloy rail, 1250 mm long, with an effective travel distance of 1100 mm, enhances the authentic feeling of real outdoor rowing.

This model features a very intuitive LCD console display and keeps you in tune with your performance by relaying feedback direct to the user on total time, calories burned and stroke count.

The comfortable seat and foam hand grip on the R-320 makes it a pleasure to use even for prolonged periods of time.

Compact storage: Rowing machines can take up a fair bit of space, but the R-320 is a real space-saver: vertical storage. Just store it after your daily exercise. And it also comes with 2 integrated caster wheels for easy moving.

Dimensions: L217 x W50 x H88 cm
Folded: L115 x W51 x H145 cm
Weight: 39 kg