Nothing can kill the motivation to exercise more than the idea of heading out into the cold and rain for a run, same goes for those steamy summer days. This is where a treadmill can really come into its own. With a treadmill in your air-conditioned house, there’s no excuse not to continue your fitness regime, in all kinds of weather. Treadmills offer a host of fantastic benefits, including the advantage of being able to run and train without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

Studies have shown that with just a 1% incline, a treadmill can offer the same level of fitness as pounding the pavement and, with the controls being adjusted to up the incline and speed, it even has the potential to simulate race environments. The smooth rubber suspension under the running deck is also more forgiving than concrete, meaning there is far less jarring on joints and muscles. There is also the added benefit of being able to keep fitness levels up on a regular basis, as well as weight loss and training. It can be easily incorporated into your cross training routine too, being another variable to add to any existing training exercises such as swimming and cycling. 

A treadmill is such a fundamental piece of exercise equipment that can be incorporated into a fitness routine in any number of ways. At Nordic Fitness Equipment, our range of treadmills is second-to-none, and are available to either hire or purchase. To discuss your treadmill requirements, talk to the team today on 9414 1919.