Despite what people think, if you’re trying to bulk up, you don’t just hit the bench and start lifting! Weights are by their very nature are very heavy, and if you’re not careful and take the proper precautions, you can seriously injury yourself.

Practise Your Lift

Before you even attempt to lift weights, you first need to make sure you understand how to lift correctly. Manoeuvring heavy objects can be tricky, so it’s best to get some practise in first. Try standing in front of a mirror using something simple, like a broom, to understand the right way to do chest presses. Observe your stance and grip in the mirror, and adjust accordingly.

Lightly Does It

Once you feel comfortable, you can move on to some actual weights. Begin with light weights first – and by this we mean nothing more than the bar itself. Most bars have a decent weight to them (some as much as 20kg), which is more than enough to continue your training with. In future, this can even be used as your warm-up weight.

The Real Deal

Once you’ve completed the preliminaries, it’s time to try your hand with the real thing. Start with perhaps 5kg on each side of the bar, with five reps. If it feels too easy, add more weight. Continue adding until you feel challenged. 

Using weight lifting equipment can be tricky, but if it’s done correctly following the above steps, you’ll be working your way to a stronger, bulkier you in no time. Contact Nordic Fitness Equipment Cockburn Central, Osborne Park, or Cannington today for everything you need!