We’ve all heard that warming up is an integral part of any exercise routine, but does it really work? It does if it’s done the right way. Here we’ll share with you some tips on how to warm up properly so that you’re primed and ready for your exercise program, whatever that may be. 

The first step of any warm-up is to get the heart pumping.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a light jog, skipping some rope or using a range of gym accessories to get you moving. You want to raise your body temperature, which will get you more prepared for the exercise to follow.  It will also help reduce the risk of injury, such as pulling a muscle or straining a tendon. 

After your body’s pumped, it’s time to get into some stretching.

And we don’t mean the old way of standing still and touching your toes, but in a way that is fluid and dynamic. Light stretching can make muscles more flexible, and will ease them into the potential stress of a full-blown workout. 

Finally, you’ll want to ease into your main routine gradually before upping the intensity.

This means practising the same exercises as your routine, but at a slower (or in the case of weights, lighter) pace so that your body is able to adjust accordingly. 

These tips should set you up for a pretty thorough warm-up, reducing your risk of injury and pain while at the same time pushing you harder in your main exercise routine.