These days, elliptical cross trainers are a staple of most gyms around Perth, and with all the benefits that they offer, it’s really no surprise. They provide a full-body cardio workout for every kind of body type using just one piece of equipment and, as an added bonus, they are available for hire so you can enjoy your workout in the comfort of your own home. The controls are variable, meaning you can also adjust them accordingly to alter resistance, inclines and timing.

Elliptical cross trainers offer a host of benefits that aren’t just limited to cardio. They provide an overall low-impact workout for the entire body, as well as being a great piece of equipment for strengthening and toning arms and legs. The back and forth motion of the handlebars provides an excellent all-round workout for the chest, back and shoulders. When it comes to losing weight, elliptical cross trainers are in a class of their own. They can burn an impressive 800 calories per hour during an intense workout, depending) on body weight. If you want to up the intensity even more, you can use the controls to increase resistance, hold onto the upper-body handles or practise interval training by alternating high and low bursts of intensity.

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