You might not think twenty minutes is enough time for a serious workout, but that’s not necessarily true. It all depends on how effectively you manage that timeframe, and which exercises you choose. You’ll be amazed at what you and your body can achieve in just twenty minutes. 

One of the best ways to get the most out of your twenty-minute workout is to choose high-quality, customised exercises. Pick exercises that will be of the most benefit to you and your overall fitness goals. Try a combination of movements that will work a group of muscles all at once, such as push-ups or squats. As you only have twenty minutes up your sleeve, strive for quality exercises that will give you the maximum benefit. 

Another way to get a lot done in a short amount of time is to give yourself a challenge. Set up a circuit in advance so that you can move quickly from one exercise to the next, and make sure you get your weights ready as well. Alternatively, you can work your body harder by keeping up a tight series of reps, with minimal rest breaks. Repeat as many reps as possible in a minimal timeframe – your body is sure to feel the burn. 

If it’s only twenty minutes you’ve got, then make every minute count. Make sure you bring a timer or stopwatch with you and keep track of which exercises you’re doing and how long you’re doing each one for. For more information on short workouts, talk to one of our trainers at Nordic Fitness Equipment today.