Boxing equipment and workouts are now a pretty common sight in many gym studios around Perth. Popular as an exercise for weight loss, cardio (or fitness) boxing helps you burn an impressive 1500 kilojoules per session, all while having fun while you do it. It’s also a fantastic way of staying in shape overall, or it can help you work through a training plateau. 

Boxing offers a whole range of different workouts and equipment to play with. A speedball, which is smaller than a regular boxing bag, can be used to practise quick punches and jabs. Shadow boxing is an excellent form of warm-up, while skipping with a jump rope will really get the heart-rate pumping. 

Push-ups are a mainstay of many workout routines, and will greatly improve your punching stamina. However, they must be done right. Grab a pair of push-up bars and place your hands directly under your shoulders. Brace your core, and begin to lower your body down to the ground in a straight, plank position. Then push back up to the start position. Now repeat! 

Crunches are also great for overall body fitness, and will really get your core primed for a boxing work-out. Keep them slow and controlled, and put your hands either across your chest or on your ears, whichever is more comfortable. 

So, if you’re after a knock-out fitness routine, then boxing might be just what you’re after. At Nordic, we’ve got everything from boxing gloves to speedballs, so come in and visit us – we’ve got showrooms all over Perth.