Now that it’s winter, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you didn’t have to venture outdoors at terrible o’clock in the morning to hit the gym? Renting gym equipment to use at home is fast becoming the next big thing, and here’s some reasons why. 

Financial Benefits

Gym memberships are renowned for being pricey, and can be a wasted expense if you’re only going to use a handful of the machines. There’s also travel expenses to consider, including parking and petrol. Not to mention your commute time. Instead, create your own personalised home gym using rental equipment. It will not only save you money, but you’ll also be able to customise it to suit your fitness goals without the expense of purchasing and maintaining equipment.


Let’s face it, having gym equipment at home is far more likely to motivate you to use it. You won’t be put off by bad weather, cold temperatures, bad hair days, poor fashion choices or the resident body builders at the gym. As a bonus, you can work out whenever you want, as your home gym never closes. Can’t sleep at 3am? A few minutes pounding the treadmill might tucker you out.

Hiring gym equipment is also a great way to try before you buy. If you can’t coordinate yourself on the elliptical trainer, no problem – just send it back.

So, don’t pay over-the-top gym membership fees. Instead, work out at your own pace, in your own time, at a fraction of the cost, in your own home. For more information about the great range of exercise equipment for hire, contact the team at Nordic Fitness Equipment Cockburn CentralOsborne Park, or Cannington today.