You visit the gym religiously and follow the same exercise routine. So if you’re bored, perhaps it’s time to think about changing up your workout. 

The Great Outdoors

There’s lots of different ways to exercise. Try outdoor activities, such as jogging.  Or walk the dog. 

Find Exercises You Enjoy

Is your dislike of burpees ruining your workout? Then do exercises you love. It could be running, skipping, or building uphill momentum on the treadmill. If you find something you like, you’re more likely to keep exercising. 

Try Split-Stance Exercise

Split-stance is a fantastic exercise that increases strength and balance as well as improving flexibility. You can also do it kneeling or half-kneeling. 

Take the Stairs

It sounds so simple, but it’s great outdoor exercise for managing exertion. If you really want to challenge yourself, try adding a weighted vest, such as the BodyWorx 20kg. 

Cardio Workout - Cross-trainer

Cross-trainers are fantastic for the lower body, arms and shoulders. Try pedalling backwards to give your thighs a workout, or work the handlebars for upper body toning. Cross-trainers are available to hire from Nordic, so give it a go. 

Increase Weights

Challenge yourself by upping your weights. Try heavier singles and triples, and see what you can do. 

Bring A Friend

If you feel you need motivating, try exercising with a friend. Not only will it be a lot more fun, but it will automatically push you both harder to achieve your workout goals. 

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